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What would you do, if you finally had that kitchen you’ve been dreaming of?
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The Perfect Space

What would you do, if you finally had that kitchen you’ve been dreaming of?

Your kitchen is more than just another room

A bespoke kitchen is more than just another room in your house. It’s the heart of your home.
It’s the witness to the big family moments:
  • the breakfast before the first day of school
  • the Sunday lunch where they “meet the parents”
  • the big dinner (and bubbles) when that promotion is finally confirmed
It feels good when your kitchen is a place you want to be. Somewhere you feel excited and inspired to cook, host and gather together.
The place where you utter those magic words shall I put the kettle on?”.
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Designed for you

A bespoke kitchen that’s the envy of all your friends
The magic happens when beauty meets functionality. When someone asks “where’s your kitchen from?” and you answer “it was made just for us”.
  • A bespoke kitchen works for you.
  • It’s designed beautifully, so you feel inspired to use it everyday.
  • It’s designed intelligently, so it’s easy to use it every day.
  • Your kitchen should be built to fit you, rather than expecting you to fit it.
It’s designed to last, becoming a legacy in itself. Your kitchen will be the coveted heart of your home for decades to come.
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Because off-the-rack kitchens are overpriced

Yes, you read that right.
Buying a pre-built kitchen can seem like the cheaper (and easier) option. But it’s not always the best value for money.
Off-the-rack kitchens are overpriced. You’re going to get a fitted kitchen, yes. But are you going to get a kitchen that fits you? Probably not.
Or, you could go for something bespoke. Something that’s handcrafted, built to last and made just for you. And it’s a lot more affordable than you think.
After all, shouldn’t your kitchen be built around your life? Nobody should ever have to fit their life around a kitchen.
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Kitchen with a rabbit
Kitchen with a bespoke bar

Hassle free

Handcrafted hassle-free kitchens, from craftspeople who care.
These are bespoke kitchens, handcrafted for homes across Northampton and the UK.
We know that changing kitchens can seem like a mammoth task.Which is why we work hard to make it as easy as possible for you, walking by your side throughout the project - from that very first design call all the way through to the first dinner party (we like our steak medium-rare...).
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How it Works

Bespoke kitchens, without the hassle

1/ Quote
After an initial consultation, we’ll put together a quote and estimate for you.
2/ Design
You’ll meet with our designers who will create a custom proposal.
3/ Build
Our team of expert carpenters get to work on building your bespoke kitchen.
4/ Fit
We arrive on-site, solve any last minute issues, fit and install your kitchen.
5/ Aftercare
We’ll check in with you to see how your new kitchen is doing to make sure that everything’s working as it should.
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